Transportation Chum

Just after I posted my grabbag chum, the ‘ol RSS reader highlighted a few items of interest to cyclists and map afficianados:

1. The LADOT Bike Blog completed their survey on sidewalk riding in Los Angeles County. This was a 7-part series, looking at the municipal code of each city within the county, to determine if sidewalk riding is legal.

2. The LAIst blog just posted a link to a map that shows all completed and planned bike lanes for 2010 in the City of Los Angeles. Having just ridden across both Parthenia, Nordhoff, and Roscoe, I can attest to the poor conditions in the riding areas of these streets, and it is nice to see a more comprehensive network forming.

3. LA Observed noted that Thomas Brothers Maps has quietly left California. I think the map books are still being sold. What is being referred to is the fact that the offices that produce them have moved to Illinois and India, and by doing it in a series of small RIFs, have avoided triggering California’s layoff notification laws.