Decision Making

While walking back from a delightful dinner with talonvaki, I got to thinking about how my decisions have changed. As I’ve noted before, I’m at a conference this week in Boston. In the past, when I was at a conference, I would pig out: I’d eat the danish they put out for breakfast (at least 3-4), I’d have a burger and fries at lunch… and don’t get me started on the afternoon snacks — I’d have to try at least one of everything. Dinner would then be heavy. Although I might think about working out, I usually wouldn’t.

This trip? I’ve worked out in some form every day, either in the workout facility or by walking (for example, I couldn’t bring myself to do 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning, so I did an hour walk. I also walked talonvaki home after dinner, which was probably another mile walk round trip, and I plan to try the treadmill again after I finish this post). My meal choices have also changed. I’ve been hitting Starbuck in the morning and getting an oatmeal; all that I eat of the refreshments put out is a nice plate of fruit. I’ve tried to keep lunch healthy; in particular, no fries. For the afternoon break, I’ve been content having one brownie. Dinner has pretty much been the same thing in different restaurants: grilled salmon, steamed veggie, and a starch.

What alien has taken over my brain? When did I start making healthy eating choices on business trips?

Seriously, I was someone who couldn’t commit to exercising or eating right, much as I believed that I could. This March, something just clicked and it’s become easy. I’ve gone from over 220 lbs to probably around 195-193 lbs as of today (my goal is about 180 dressed). I’ve gone from size 42 pants to size 38… and those are large.

I should note: I’m not writing this post to gloat or anything. Rather, I’m just surprised at myself for doing this.

P.S.: We had dinner at The Barking Crab, where I saw the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen—over 10 lbs! talonvaki took a picture; if she doesn’t post it in the comments, I’ll link to it. All I could think, as it was moving around, was “Dead Crustacian Walking….”