Decision Making

While walking back from a delightful dinner with talonvaki, I got to thinking about how my decisions have changed. As I’ve noted before, I’m at a conference this week in Boston. In the past, when I was at a conference, I would pig out: I’d eat the danish they put out for breakfast (at least 3-4), I’d have a burger and fries at lunch… and don’t get me started on the afternoon snacks — I’d have to try at least one of everything. Dinner would then be heavy. Although I might think about working out, I usually wouldn’t.

This trip? I’ve worked out in some form every day, either in the workout facility or by walking (for example, I couldn’t bring myself to do 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning, so I did an hour walk. I also walked talonvaki home after dinner, which was probably another mile walk round trip, and I plan to try the treadmill again after I finish this post). My meal choices have also changed. I’ve been hitting Starbuck in the morning and getting an oatmeal; all that I eat of the refreshments put out is a nice plate of fruit. I’ve tried to keep lunch healthy; in particular, no fries. For the afternoon break, I’ve been content having one brownie. Dinner has pretty much been the same thing in different restaurants: grilled salmon, steamed veggie, and a starch.

What alien has taken over my brain? When did I start making healthy eating choices on business trips?

Seriously, I was someone who couldn’t commit to exercising or eating right, much as I believed that I could. This March, something just clicked and it’s become easy. I’ve gone from over 220 lbs to probably around 195-193 lbs as of today (my goal is about 180 dressed). I’ve gone from size 42 pants to size 38… and those are large.

I should note: I’m not writing this post to gloat or anything. Rather, I’m just surprised at myself for doing this.

P.S.: We had dinner at The Barking Crab, where I saw the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen—over 10 lbs! talonvaki took a picture; if she doesn’t post it in the comments, I’ll link to it. All I could think, as it was moving around, was “Dead Crustacian Walking….”


Today’s Bike Ride

Today, I decided to challenge myself on a bike ride. I rode from our house over to Corbin, and then down to Ventura Blvd (rough map) and back. That’s a distance of just over 12 miles! As proof, I offer this picture. This was taken near Topham and Corbin. This sculpture of a woman looking up at a boulder dangling over her head has always intrigued me—and I finally got a chance to look at it up close.

By the way, using the scale at work, I’m now down to 206½ lbs. When I started this effort at the end of March, I was around 222 lbs.


Decision of the Day

Well, if you recall I decided to change my lifestyle nearly two weeks ago. I’ve changed what I’m eating, and yesterday I even walked four miles (two at lunch, two when I got home). I’m having so much fun doing it that I’ve made a decision: I think I’m going to run a marathon. I’ve been looking around, and I think I’ve found one that goes from theatre to theatre to theatre to theatre, especially for theatre fans like me.


And It’s Begun…

Operation New Lifestyle, that is. So far, I’ve been good: Just a bowl of healthy cereal and some raw almonds for breakfast and mid-morning snack (intead of a caffinated Clif bar). Lunch was just a small salad with a little cottage cheese, no croutons (instead of my usual wrap with cheese and a bag of chips). I took a walk at lunch, which did a nice lowering of the distolic number (we have a BP machine here at work. Midmorning, resting, I was 153/97. Right after the walk, I was 134/79.). For an afternoon snack, I have a few cuties (nectarines mandarins).

For those that see me regularly: please keep me honest. Stop me before I do stupid lifestyle things.


Why There Is No Meeting of Minds Review

By now, you’re probably noticing there is no Meeting of Minds review. That’s because we never made it to the show. We were at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, in the ER, instead.

Let me explain. Saturday evening, I started feeling funny. I attributed it to a migraine, and took a T3 and a Maxalt as I went to bed. I was fine Sunday morning, but around lunch time I had this odd ache between my collarbones. As it continued, and Karen thought I looked odd, we went to the ER at Valley Pres. Chest pains are treated seriously, and soon it was clear we wouldn’t make the 7:00pm show. It began to look less like a heart attack, and more like hypertension, as the lower number in my blood pressure was extremely high. I was admitted overnight for observation. Later today they did a stress test and an ultrasound, and my heart is fine. However, my blood pressure is still far too high. So it is off to a diet and exercise and doing what I can to lower it. For those of you that see me locally, I’m depending on you to call me on it when you see me doing something stupid.

Right now, I’m tired and have a headache (probably from lack of sleep Saturday night, when I had bad indigestion, and last night in the hospital). I’m working from home tomorrow, and will hopefully be back to a normal life, with a new diet, on Wednesday (well, I start the diet tonight).

P.S.: This is not the way I wanted to get caught up on podcasts.