How Not To Treat A Customer: A Continuing Series

Today, in the mail, I received a love note from the United States Bankruptcy Court. Forms B9E and B10, informing me that I may be a creditor of the debtor, “The Pasadena Playhouse State Theatre of California”, and that I need to file a Proof of Claim. It also informed me (in 8-point legalese) that there will be a meeting of creditors on June 21, 2010 in downtown Los Angeles at 2:15pm. There was no explanation of how to fill out the forms, or what was even happening.

Now, I’m aware of what was happening because I read the Los Angeles Times. I knew the Playhouse was filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 11). But I’ve had no communication from the Playhouse. No letter from them indicating “here’s what we’re doing, here’s why, and here’s what you need to do”. Nope. Just an 8-pt legal form. This continues their record of poor communication.

If the Pasadena Playhouse is to succeed in its new post-bankruptcy incarnation, it can’t do it on single ticket income alone. It needs season subscribers… and the most likely base of those are were the current subscribers. I say “were”, because the Playhouse is rapidly alienating them and showing they won’t even make the effort to pretend to care. I know the good-will we had towards the organization has been lost, and we’re sending our subscription dollars to theatres that care about their subscribers.

Presuming I can figure it out :-), I’ll send in their proof of claim, with a reworded version of the letter I sent to the Playhouse, the charge date, and proof that they originally promised seven (7) plays [not six (6) as they later claimed] but only delivered one (1), “Camelot”.