Words of Wisdom: “Small minded = small bodied”

My daughter is so mature and intelligent (an extremely rare trait in a teen). I just had to share something she wrote on Facebook (with her permission, of course):

Small minded = small bodied
Large minded = large bodied

Sad thing is… it seems to be that way.

I’ve come to realize I am too fat for high school. I know, I know. This is where you all chime in, “Erin, you’re not fat.”

You’re right. I’m not fat. But I’m not skinny either.

And there’s been an increasing gap between the people who aren’t fat and the people who are skinny.

It’s ridiculous. Girls are striving to be sickly thin, going to extremes of not eating because of their low self image society has placed upon them. Perfectly beautiful and healthy girls. Just to be approved of. Just so boys will like them. Just to feel good about themselves.

Well fuck that shit. I want to EAT. And what’s so wrong with a healthy womanly figure? It’s not like I can’t move because I’m fat, I can move just fine. It’s not like I can’t find clothes anywhere because I’m fat, I shop in the same stores you do. And it’s not like I don’t see the same movies in the theatre, or go to different malls than you because I’m fat. I just like to eat. Because food is fucking good. And those skinny bitches (not to offend you. it just flows so nicely, don’t you think?) who walk around bitching about their thighs and how they haven’t eaten in a week need to sit down with me and eat a nice plate of ribs, because the goal is to eat ribs covered in barbeque sauce, not have your own ribs protruding from your chest.

But so many girls want that. So many girls think, “You aren’t thin until you can see bones.” No. You aren’t sickly until you can see bones. Healthy women have a nice percentage of body fat on them, it makes them more fertile and suprisingly prolongs their lives. So while you skinny bitches starve yourselves to fit into that size 0 jeans and die at 6, I’ll be eating ribs slathered in barbeque sauce till I’m 85.

But while I’ll be living to 85, I guess I’ll be living to 85 alone. Because it seems boys are in that same old malnourished bandwagon… BUT THEY GET TO BE FAT. Boys get to eat whatever the hell they want because they’re boys. Boys get to date whoever the hell they want because they’re boys. Meanwhile, us ladies either choose a life of loneliness accompanied by our plate of barbeque ribs, or we get to starve ourselves to death in order to find companionship.

Bull fucking shit.

Boys need to grow the fuck up.

Because, shockingly enough, fat bitches are nice too. And we’re probably better lovers than those skinny little bitches who are too tired from not eating to do anything. And some of us are intelligent bitches who can hold a conversation on something other than the fact that you burn calories by eating celery. And you know what? We can cook too.

Later, she added:

Or… what I really meant to say the first time less harshly. Love yourself. Because you’re beautiful and you don’t need to change yourself. Big, small, black, tall. We’re all beautiful.