{Quote, Image, Book} of the day

Quote of the Day: “In other news, we attacked the Moon and Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize. This has been a STRANGE morning.”
(from a post by kyburg)

Image of the Day: How the Internet Puts Your Children At Risk: Stacy Griffith, 15, liked frequenting chat rooms online. One day, she met a funny, goofy, boy who was deep and intelligent. … Only when they met, Stacy realized he was no boy….
(From the GigaGranadaHills Blog (granada_hills))

Book of the Day: Good Eats: The Early Years. More on the book, as well as Alton Brown and when he is going to end “Good Eats”, in this article from the LA Times. Hint: Per Alton, “I’ve already got a bullet with a gun, and when [the show-chopping TV execs] come for us, I will lead us out to the pasture, and I’ll put a bullet in it.”