‘Ta Daily Report

Me mates must have put something in me grog last nigt before I went to them thar services, fore I woke up this morning with a blasted headache. I followed the advice of the ships cutter, but what he gave me made it worse, and I ended up taking some witch doctor’s brew to put me to sleep. As a result, I slept through the morning birthday party for ‘da world. Arrrrrr. I shar enough hope they had grog and cake for everyone. I’m finally back from Davey Jones, but I’m not sure whether me head is fully back.

Aye, as for last eve’s ser’ice, the theme appeared t’ be community, with e’eryone emphasizin’ how ‘aluable the community o’ the temple is. Me couldn’t figure out the point, unless it was just t’ get people t’ keep up their memberships. Aye, it was intarstin’, though, t’ have the full congregation thar for a combined ser’ice. I think that worked well. Me did notice Rabbi Brown wasn’t on the bima — Me wonder if his contract changed due t’ the recession? Aye, me parrot concurs. This afternoon looks t’be calm, as I scrub the deck, make me rags a bit less filthy, and help my wench do some organizin’. A pence for an old man o’de sea?