5th Annual Birthday Song Poll

Well, it’s that time again. Time for the 5th annual Birthday Song Poll. This poll determines the song that the Sheriff will sing to you on your birthday. Note that the Sheriff uses LJ as his recordbook, so you only get a song if you have your birth month and year in your LJ profile and we’re mutual friends* (so I get reminded of your birthday and you’ll see the post). I have tried my best to note the answers given for previous polls as well behind the cut. If you want to change those answers (or just confirm them), feel free to vote in the poll again this year. Note that if you don’t specify a song, then the Sheriff usually sings his favorite, the Birthday Cake Polka.

Facebook Users: I’ll try and get you your song, but until Facebook can do OpenID, you can’t vote in the poll (i.e., you’ll need to create a Livejournal Account, which is free, to vote). I encourage you to do so, otherwise you’ll likely get The Birthday Cake Polka. If you have both a Facebook and a Livejournal, and I can correlate the two account names, I’ll try to get the right song to both places (hint: that means leave some connection in the comments; a link to your profile works). You can also leave an anonymous comment, but include your real name so I can tie it to your FB account.

The new songs for this year include “Birthday Cake” [Cibo Matto], “Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen” [Neil Sedaka], and “The Pirate Birthday Song” [Heather Alexander].

Here’s what was chosen in the past:

A Very Merry Unbirthday [Sherman/Sherman].      otaku_tetsuko barelyproper
Birthday [The Beatles].      nsshere jeditigger
ixixlix dimensionm cecerose
graemeperrow kyliebeth rjlippincott
stuck_in_ma/ Steve A.
Birthday [Sugar Cubes]      venedotia mommyathome
Birthday Cake [Cibo Matto]      profstevie
Birthday Cake Polka [John Rovack, 1952]      snippy terpsichoros
ext_101673 (7/11)
Birthday Cake Polka (Gluten-Free) [John Rovack]      pradagirl gf_guruilla
Birthday Dirge [Trad.]      usqueba whalejudge
aliza250 darkfuzzyheart sethcohen
Birthday Massacre [Birthday Massacre]     
Birthday Song [Golden Bough]      klellingson
Cut the Cake [Tina Liza Jones]      barnabas_truman
Happy Birthday [Concrete Blond]     
Happy Birthday [I’m Getting My Act Together…]     
Happy Birthday [Stevie Wonder]      elasticity smoochie
Happy Birthday [Weird Al Yankovic].      dianec42 underpope
Happy Birthday [Zorba the Greek]      kaottic97
Happy Birthday, Ralph [Atom and his Package]     
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen [Neil Sedaka]     
Happy Birthday To You [Hill/Smith, 1893]      cafemusique groblek
Happy Clappy Birthday (Gwendolyn)     
Happy Happy Birthday Song [Arrogant Worms]      patgund bellwethr mortuus
Hubappuby Bubirthdubay Tubo Yubou     
I’d Rather Be Dead [Harry Nilsson]     
Joyeux anniversaire      zarchasmpgmr
Las Mañanitas      bdot
Modern Maturity [Tom Paxton]      cahwyguy
Older [They Might Be Giants]      talonvaki fauxklore
usqueba miss_mimsy estherchaya
cecerose dieppe ellipticcurve
Other Happy Birthday Song [Gardner/Quinn]      greenscar
The Pirate Birthday Song [Heather Alexander]     
30/90 [Jonathan Larsen, from “tick… tick… Boom!”]      shutterbug93
This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long [Unknown
     tsgeisel jumbach
larymotrmn crash_the_dog
Unhappy Birthday [The Smiths]     
Yom Huledet [Batler/Datz]      ginamariewade divasteph