Three and Three Meme – Response to fauxklore

The Meme: “Make a comment in this entry. I’ll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests , and then you explain them in your journal.”

fauxklore picked the following:

Don Martin. How appropos that fauxklore would pick this image on this day, of all days? I say this because this userpic is a picture of a character drawn by Don Martin, the artist from Mad Magazine. January 31st is a day that, for the longest time, honored Mr. Martin’s creation. In the 1963 Signet paperback original, DON MARTIN BOUNCES BACK!, there is a story starring Fester Bestertester and his pal Karbuncle, called, fittingly enough, “National Gorilla Suit Day”. To celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day, the tradition is to dress up in a gorilla suit and make a door-to-door trek around the neighborhood. But as Fester Bestertester noted, “Everybody knows it’s just a ploy by the gorilla suit companies to sell their products!”

In any case, National Gorilla Suit Day was championed by mark_evanier… but in November 2007, Mark reported that Don Martin’s widow had requested the day no longer be celebrated. Further, our leading “monkey in a suit” has left office.

So, this userpic remains to honor Don Martin, National Gorilla Suit Day, and all the Fester Bestertesters of the world.


Tombstones. This picture was adapted from a picture of Civil War Tombstones, and is used for posts where I am either discussing recent obituaries or death. I find obituaries interesting, primarily because the human mind tends to detect patterns in death, and seems to group them in threes. Thus, the death trifecta is born… building a strong of three related deaths.
Edward-Littlehazy. Edward is a representative of a series of cartoons I drew in high school and college called “The Droopouts”. Edward was a professor at Droopouts University. He is a more generic icon (and one I don’t use all that often, as I should really redraw him or use a scan instead). I think he sorta looks like me.

Now, on to the interests. All three were picked the last time I did this meme:

  • bell-lapadula. This refers to the classic paper by David Bell (a really neat fellow) and Len LaPadula about the policy for multilevel security. It defined the basic lattice model for confidentiality of labels, as well as the simple security property and the *-property. A fundamental of computer security.
  • shep cooke. Shep Cooke is a folk singer who sang many years ago with Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys. A biography states:

    As a member of the legendary “Stone Poneys,” Shep Cooke performed with Linda Ronstadt for several years – from high school days thru network appearances on Joey Bishop and Johnny Carson (he played bass). Shep has done guitar and vocal work on major album releases by Tom Waits, the Floating House Band and Linda Ronstadt, as well as featured solo act appearances in concerts with Roger Miller, Marty Robbins, Tanya Tucker, Tom Waits, John David Souther and others.

    I saw Shep many many years ago at McCabes, and I still love his albums. He hasn’t done anything in years.

  • zen driving. Have you ever gotten in a car and driven, just for the fun of it. Just to see where the road takes you. That’s zen driving, and its just wild fun to do. Pick a street near you, and drive it end to end. Make a right, and keep going. Take that side road… you’ll never know what you might find.