What’s Goin’ On

Not much in the way of news chum today, so I guess I’ll have to report on life…

I’ve begun the process of condensing my father’s photo albums. This means going through the 200-so albums he had, and only keeping the pictures with people that I know in them and that are in focus. So far, I’ve condensed about 38 albums into 6, covering the period from around 1944 through 1975. While doing so, I’ve uncovered a bunch of pictures that are reminding me of my Jr. and Sr. High School days, and of people I’ve lost touch with. I’ve looked a few of them up on the interwebs and found them. For some reason, a lot of folks my age aren’t on Facebook :-). I plan to look up a few more. I’m always amazed where people end up. Still others, however, I can’t find easily. Perhaps that’s a message from nature :-). It is reminding me, though, of how badly I dressed in the early 1970s, and how I wasn’t the party (or even the heavily social) animal.

My daughter is now in high school. She’s a hostess type (meaning she likes being the party host: bringing fudge, food, etc.). We have a pool. Combine these facts, stir, and what conclusion do you get. That’s right. Monday: out to dinner with tech crew. Tuesday, tech crew over to our house to swim. Tonight, they are coming over after the mall. Now, these are good teenagers, and it does mean I know where she is…. but I think this is going take some getting used to.

On tap for tonight: more photo albums (I’ve only got 3 binders before I have to order more). Next up: 1975 moving into 1976, and coming up on my high school graduation. I’m sure once I move out of the house the albums will condense even faster. I feel like a backup compression program: some go fast, some go slow….