Twenty-Five Random Things

OK, OK. I’ve tried to avoid it. I’ve tried to point you to posts I’ve done in the past. But this thing keeps coming back… it’s drawing me into it’s maw…. aaaaaarrgh….

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

  1. I’m a native Angeleno. Born in the greater Los Angeles area, raised in Los Angeles, went to college in Los Angeles, and now living in the San Fernando Valley. So, I can truly say “I Love LA”.
  2. I’m also something like a 5th generation Reform Jew. In 2007, in fact, we went to a family reunion in Nashville, where we were involved in founding the Reform congregation around and before the time of the Civil War.
  3. In high school, the teacher who got me into computers was none other than the son of the composer Arnold Schoenberg.
  4. Before I wanted to do computer stuff, I wanted to be a veterinarian.
  5. Although I appear to be an only child, I did have a brother. He died in 1970, and was 10 years older than me.
  6. My interest in highways comes from a love of maps. As a child, I used to go from gas station to gas station collecting maps. I still have some of them.
  7. When I was young, I used to run around an explore a place near our house called “the swamp”. It’s now called the Ballona Wetlands.
  8. I went tromping around the steam tunnels at UCLA hyped up on Codeine the day after having my wisdom teeth out.
  9. I was active at the UCLA Computer Club, and did learn the trick of entering the computer club by coming in through the men’s bathroom window.
  10. I also participated when the Computer Club decided to disposed of their old sofa by throwing it from the 3rd floor of Boelter Hall into the waiting dumpster below. Three-quarters of it actually made it into the dumpster.
  11. I was a member of the Perfect Students Union at UCLA, and handed out bowling balls as campaign goodies.
  12. I’ve been into musicals and theatre since I was 12 and went to see “The Rothschilds” at the LA Civic Light Opera. I cannot, however, act.
  13. I was one of the perpetrators behind Soylent Green Day in high school. Our motto: “Feed a family of four on a family of five.”
  14. I attended the Wilshire Blvd Temple Camps (Camp Hess Kramer, Gindling Hilltop Camp) between 1969 and 1979, and still won’t miss a chance go to up there.
  15. I am actually not that interested in trains, although I belong to a railroad museum. I’m interested in trolleycars, which comes from an interest in the Pacific Electric, which comes from an interest in the history of Los Angeles, which comes from loving maps and the streets of Los Angeles.
  16. I never intended to go into Computer Security — I was originally doing office automation at a company that was doing a knockoff of the Fortune Word Processor, which itself was a knockoff of the Wang Word Processor.
  17. So how did I get into computer security? Thank Jon Fellow, Dan Berry, and Harvey Gold of SDC, who hired me to work on BLACKER.
  18. I have been involved with conferences since 1981, when I was student activities chair for ACM ‘81 in Los Angeles.
  19. I am a former chair of ACM SIGSAC. But I’m also no longer an ACM member — I couldn’t see why I should keep up my membership.
  20. Although I’m a UCLA alumnus, I’m more involved with CSUN, where my wife went.
  21. I still have a box of computer cards in my closet. Why, I don’t know.
  22. I have never been into videogames. I love boardgames, and during high school would regularly play “Diplomacy” in high school. No one seems to want to play 8 hour games anymore 🙁
  23. I went to a military academy (which no longer exists) for Kindergarten.
  24. I actually have an interest about most things transportation related, but more in a historical sense. Old car companies. Old bus companies. Airplane companies. You name it.
  25. I think that many memes are a wonderful way to phish for answers for those security questions. So be careful how you answer them. By the way, the name of my first grade teacher was (redacted).

There. Are you satisfied?