Escape Day News Chum

Here’s some escape day news, while I try to find my focus and eat lunch. Last time I looked, it was in my top desk drawer — my focus that is. I have no idea where I left my lunch. Or did I get that backwards?

  • From the “But I Didn’t Order The Beer” Department: Slashdot is reporting that IBM has been granted a patent for splitting a restaurant bill. This has been a long running joke with a co-worker, who would always order wine with dinner, whereas I’m a tea drinked. I joked with him about paying for his alcohol habit. What’s next, an iPhone application?
  • From the “A Hole Lot of Nuttin’” Department: The New York Times has an article today about a book written on the history of Bagels. It begins with an unexpected look at a boiled, baked and ring-shaped possible ancestor in southern Italy and a steamed and baked possible predecessor found among the Muslim Uighurs in northwestern China. The book moves on to Poland, the Jewish bagel’s probable birthplace, and the bagel’s older and similar Christian relative, the obwarzanek. The book bemoans ubiquitous phenomena like giant bagels, many-flavored bagels, many-colored bagels and other unbagel-like bagels. In older news, the LA Times recently ran a piece comparing Western Bagel and Brooklyn Bagel. Being a West LA/Valley person, I prefer Western.
  • From the “Sometimes The Headlines Says It All” Department: Bush Pardons Turkeys For Last Time
  • From the “Sometimes You Need To Get Off The Net” Department: The New York Times is live-blogging Thanksgiving Dinner. Me thinks that’s going a bit too far.