Theatre News Chum

For a change, I’ve been able to come up for a breath and look at some news sites during lunch. Today brings us some theatre news:

  • From the “Expectations and Closings” Department: We all know the economy has been affecting Broadway, with a number of shows posting closing notices for early 2009 (Spring Awakening, Hairspray, Young Frankenstein, Spamalot, 13, Gypsy). One show of particular interest is “Young Frankenstein”, which has had problems from the start, but they had overly large expectations. The New York Times has a good article today looking at why YF failed, and what the producers did wrong.
  • From the “Trifecta” Department: Looks like we have a Broadway trifecta a-buildin’. The first loss was Clive Barnes, a long time NY drama and dance critic. Today’s news brings word of the death of Gerald Schoenfeld, longtime chair of the Shubert organization. Who’s next?
  • From the “Why Is The Run So Damned Short?” Department: Variety has a good article today on the economies of road shows, in particular why the runs are so short. Seems they want the subscription buyers, not the single ticket buyers. It is to their advantage to keep the tickets scarce, but they also anticipate second seasons in cities where they prove extra popular. Interesting reading, and it gives me insight on the Broadway/LA and CTG season schedules.
  • From the “Give the Gift that Keeps Giving” Department: Ken Davenport had an interesting perspective a few weeks ago in his Producer’s Perspective Blog (prodcrspespctve). He gave a number of reasons why one should give tickets to live theatre as gifts. His post was focused on Broadway, but it applies to whereever you live. Here in LA, good ways to get discount theatre tickets are Goldstar and LA Stage Tix… and most local theatres will offer gift certificates. It’s a great way to give something that doesn’t clutter the house and helps keep a local business alive.