The Surreal Life

As you may or may not know, we live relatively close to the Sesnon Fire. The fire started up near Tampa and Sesnon, and we live down near Tampa and Plummer. So we personally have little risk, but it’s still surreal:

  • Given how much the radio talked about the bad traffic problems, driving home was a breeze. There was very light traffic on the 405, and no traffic on the 118.
  • It was weird looking at the Santa Susanna Mountains, and seeing active flame up in the Porter Ranch area. It was still active as we headed home about 20 minutes ago.
  • It was even weirder as we visited some friends in Chatsworth (right at the edge of Chatsworth Park North), and hearing the flame dropping choppers overhead… and as we left, seeing a flareup in the Stoney Point area.
  • The smoke in the area was bad; my throat still hurts. I haven’t been in smoke like that before.

This has been a fast moving fire; it wasn’t going when I left this morning, and now the hills around the valley are all burning. It will be interesting to see what happens overnight, when the winds kick up. For now, I’m going to go outside and clean debris from the pool.