Wednesday News Chum

Well, as the LA Times site is acting up (you get empty pages when you click on stories), here are some observations from a lunchtime review of some other papers:

  • From the “Mel, Oh, Mel” Department: Headline in the SF Chronicle: “Rockridge Shaken By Holdup“. Hmmm, I wonder if Hedley Lamar is behind it.
  • From the “Nickel and Dime Me” Department: United Airlines is dropping free snacks in coach, raising the price of buy on board meals, and getting rid of meals in Domestic Business Class. All in the name of “cost reduction and revenue-generating opportunities”. Somehow, I suspect the latter more. As my business travel tends to be on United, I guess this means buying or bringing more food. I don’t think they are charging for soft drinks yet, but as Useless Airlines is doing that, I suspect Untied will soon follow suit. Here’s an interesting thought for the legacy carriers: perhaps people might be willing to pay higher fares if there was an equal level of customer service. If you keep cutting services, you’ll have even more resistance to higher fares.
  • From the “On the Road Again” Department: The Ventura County Star has an interesting article on road improvement projects on US 101 in Santa Barbara. This is of particular interest to me, not only due to my highway pages, but because I periodically commute to VAFB.