The Day Will Come…

This summer, nsshere has been taking summer school at her new high school. One of the classes she has been taking is life skills, which isn’t what I thought it would be… but is really study techniques and how to pick a college. So she’s been going through all sorts of college decision tools, and coming up to us afterwards and saying, “Dad, I’d like to go to <insert school here>”.

Many of the schools are back east. Many are private.

No, we don’t have enough money saved for a private school for her, but she is learning about scholarships, so if she addresses that hurdle, there’s a bigger one I’ll have to face. Her moving out. Yes, this is four years away. But still, as a parent, it is a hard thing to contemplate. She’s actually a neat person to have around the house, and I enjoy talking to her.

So, on the one hand, I want her to go to the school of her dreams, whereever it is. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind her going to CSUN or UCLA or any school in Southern California, just so she’s close by.

I guess every parent faces this. I guess, as children, we never realized what our parents went through when we moved out.*

(*: unless, of course, your parents actually wanted you out of the house. You get the clue when you come home from High School graduation and find your room packed for you.)