Election Musings

Well, I got my absentee ballot today… after applying by mail on the weekend. Of course, they need it by Tuesday, and mail it so it arrives on Friday, saying to mail it on Friday… but the post offices are closed by now. So I either mail it on Saturday and hope that it arrives on Tuesday, or take the option provided to the ill or disabled to have my wife take it to the polls on Tuesday. I think I feel a migraine coming on….


The endorsement roll is continuing for Obama. Moveon.org endorsed him today, as did the Service Employees International Union in California, and quite surprisingly, the Los Angeles Times (they also endorsed McCain). The Seattle PI also endorsed him, as did former Fed Reserve chair Paul Volker. I know I was impressed with Obama’s platform, but then again, I can’t stomach Hillary, because of the Hil-Bil two-body problem (trust her, don’t trust him). I should note that, on the Clinton side, the New York Times has endorsed her (and McCain), and Ann Coulter has said she is prepared to vote for Clinton over McCain in a general election matchup.


As for the propositions, I’ve changed my positions some. kaottic97 has convinced me to do Yes on 91, and articles such as this (about how the state won’t get as much money as the ads state), combined with arguments on my last post, are making me go “No” on 94-97. I’m still thinking “No” on S — does anyone have a strong argument for it?