You Know You’ve Been Roadgeeking Too Long When…

You know you’ve been roadgeeking too long when, instead of counting sheep to go to sleep, you start going through your state’s highways in sequential order in your head.

62: In the desert near 29 Palms
63: (ummm, where was that again)
64: Unbuilt, along Chase in the valley
65: Partially built, would have been easterly central valley freeway
66: Former US 66
67: Down San Diego way
68: Monterey/Carmel to Salinas
69: Up north, as I recall

What’s scary is I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to be able to do the equivalent for the pre-1963 legislative routes….

P.S. It’s National Delurking Week. Would it kill ‘ya to come out from where you are hiding and comment on this post?