Fire Reporting and Google Maps.

One of the things that amazes me (well, not really) about the fire coverage is the role that Google Maps is now playing. For example, this map prepared by the Daily News is excellent in how it shows the locations of all the fires, evacuation centers, etc. The Los Angeles Times has also prepared its own map showing where all the various fires are their status. Some, however, stick with the tride and true, non-interactive maps. SignOnSanDiego has prepared two non-google maps: one of the Witch Fire and one of the Harris Fire. The Press-Enterprise also has a non-interactive map.

I think the Google Map interface has its strengths and weaknesses, compared to the traditional. On the plus side, they are easier to update, and can provide much more information. But they seem to be weak (or the folks using them are weak) in showing the current burn areas and the boundaries of each fire–those show up better on the traditional maps.

ETA: Here’s a good link to a number of Google Earth maps.