Bill knew that sex was the cause of his problems…

I know that many people on LJ, and on my friends list, like to read science fiction. I know I do — I started with books like “Captive Universe” by Harry Harrison and “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut, and went on by there. I have a small book collection; I have friends (such as ixixlix) that have much larger collections. Back in my undergraduate days at UCLA, I even took a course on Science Fiction — I have no idea if it is still offered.

Thus, I read with interest (while my tea cooled) an article in today’s LA Times about UC Riverside (one of the UC campii that you don’t hear much about)… in particular the Eaton Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. This collection is the largest publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction in the world. It consists of hardback and paperback books, pulp magazines, fanzines, film and visual material, comic books, and ephemera. It consists of over 110,000 volumes of material.

The Times article talks about how the initial curator was initially derided by the other faculty on the English department staff (“Oh, you should collect Joyce instead”), but as time has gone on, the respect has grown. It also notes how they are still growing the collection (one wonders if this is a good place to donate your SF when you die). It also talks about how they are now talking about starting the first doctoral program in Science Fiction (now there’s a PhD I could go for). One wonders if they will posthumously award a doctorate to Asimov?

This is definately something worth exploring next time I head out to Perris.

(Can anyone explain the title of this post, which I quoted from memory and likely have wrong).