Well, I Made It Here

This week I’m at workshop at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego. Although the drive down this evening was uneventful, my opinion of the hotel leaves a little bit less to be desired. We’ll see if this changes over the week. What happened?

  • This is one of the older-type hotels where the rooms are spread out hither and yon. I was told there was parking near my room. There wasn’t; I’m parked three buildings over.
  • When I finally get to my room carrying all my luggage… the key doesn’t work. I trudge to the front desk (because I don’t want to lose my parking space). I get a new key… but I also get exercise induced asthma. This triggers a mild headache.
  • I finally get in my room. Take a shower to cool down, and then attempt to connect to the Internet. The wireless doesn’t work. After hanging on an 800 number with Lodgenet for 15 minutes… I discover there is actually a wireless antenna switch on the front of my laptop no one ever bothered to tell me about.
  • (edited to add) And of course, this hotel is wireless only. In general, I don’t like wireless connections. I find them flaky and unreliable. Give me a good ol’ Ethernet cable any day.

Sigh. At least the asthma has calmed down… but the headache is still there. Drat. I made it almost 3 days this time.

P.S. to mommyathome. Had dinner with your mom tonight. The kitchen is looking beautiful. Also heard you will be out in August; we’ll have to coordinate seeing you when you’re out here. Perhaps you and your little ones and gf_guruilla and nsshere can go do the House of Mouse.