“America’s Favorite Pastime” in the News

[Yes, this is a lunch post. This is one of those busy days as I get ready to head down to a workshop in San Diego for most of this week.]

No, I’m not talking baseball. But something seems to be hitting the fan…

  • The Los Angeles Times is reporting that online music swapping sites are more dangerous than web pron. According to a study by McAfee, about 9% of adult sites produce spyware, adware or spam, compared with 19% of digital music sites. Other risky searches included those for electronic gadgets and for background “wallpaper” to decorate computer screens. Researchers have one idea why looking for pron appears to be safer: The business side of that industry works even without the extra hustling.
  • But of course, folks do use it to hustle… and to sell papers. The Daily News is running a major series on the adult industry in the San Fernando Valley… none of which is really news except to folks playing ostrich.
  • CNN jumps on the bandwagon with a story about the effect of all this on society: it’s become commonplace, and as a result, there is even more emphasis placed on looks and sexuality and younger and younger ages. Not a good thing.
  • Tying this to this weeks trip (although not the same hotel as my workshop), the Los Angeles Times is also reporting about a San Diego hotel that is emphasizing the s e x uality, including among its amenities skin-baring cocktail waitresses and a $3,000-a-night specialty suite with king-size bunk beds, a group shower and a fireman’s pole.

Of course, we’ve seen some of the effects here on LJ, after all, “protecting the young” is part of the whole recent incident, being called “Strikethrough 07“. I think folks expect instantaneous corrections of problems, and don’t understand that this will likely be resolved to their satisfaction… if they give folks the time to actually work on it, instead of constantly beating them up. Of course, it doesn’t help that LJ is getting hammered with a DDOS attack that is hindering the ability of folks to post. By the way, for those wanting to keep up to date with LJ without having to wait for news postings, try the_lj_herald.