Sweetened Chicken and Tea Fingers

Today’s observations on the news are particularly timely in the sense that I’m writing them while my lunch digests, as they have to do with food:

  • From the “And Would You Like Fries With That” Department: The New York Times has an interesting piece on the effect of kid’s meals on kid’s palates. The article notes that kids meals seem to be independent of restaurant, and always seem to be the same: chicken fingers of some form (do chickens even have fingers?), mac and cheese, burgers, hot dogs, or pizza. The claim is that such bland uniformity discourages kids from trying the really great food that is out there, and learning to have a broad palate of food tastes and experimentation. It also, the article claims, encourages bad eating habits, being low on vegetables and high on fat. I would tend to agree — luckily, my daughter eschews kids meals, and even is insisting on a single menu for both kids and adults at her upcoming Bat Mitzvah.
  • From the “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” Department: The Daily Breeze has an interesting article on the regional differences in Iced Tea. In the North and West, is it unsweetened, but in the South, it is sweetened. I remember this from growing up–my grandmother (from St. Louis) loved her iced tea sweet and strong. I did too… until as an adult I started drinking my tea black and unsweetened. I now cannot stand the sweetened stuff. I’m sure I’ll be innundated with sweet tea in Nashville, so I’ll need to remember to ask. I should note that in some places, iced tea is a completely foreign concept… and in Europe, it isn’t sweet or not, but whether you want your tea white or black. I’ve only found certain teas that are appropriate white, such as some of the real smokey ones… and to bring the discussion full circle, Thai Iced Tea, which is both sweet and white.

P.S.: Reminder: Nobel Middle School in Northridge (corner of Tampa and Lassen) will be presenting The Wizard of Oz… and Then Some on Thursday 5/31, Friday 6/1, and Saturday 6/2 at 6:30pm, with a 2:00pm Saturday matinee. This musical combines Arlen’s The Wizard of Oz, Small’s The Wiz, and Schwartz’ Wicked into an interesting amalgam. These 85+ kids have been working their little fannies off (as well as working Fanny’s fanny off), so if you’re in the area (or have friends in Southern California) come on out and support them. This is the first big show of the new Nobel Drama Department. Donations at the door.