Another Family Reunion

As folks know, I’ve been writing about the upcoming family reunion of the Weinbaum side of the family. Last night, I had a family reunion of a different sort, when the_lone_piperthe_lone_piper and his friend, Maria, came over to visit. the_lone_piperthe_lone_piper is a relative on my father’s side; his great grandmother was my grandfather’s sister (which makes us second cousins, once removed). He was in the area for the 2007 Highland Games in Pomona, for his hobby is music and bagpipes. Those of you in the Davis area may have heard of him, or if not, may have heard him :-). He lives up in Davis, and regularly plays his pipes in the area (and he does know of a few of the Prankster folks, as confirmed by ellipticcurve, who joined us for dinner).

In any case, this was my first time meeting him, and it was a great evening. We had fun talking about all sorts of subjects and fandoms, moving the discussion from this and that. Yet another relative to put on the “neat person” side of the column! Hopefully we’ll get to see him again the next time he’s in the area… and that time, we’ll invite over my Uncle Tom to explore more how music runs in the family.