Erif! Erif! Erif!

According to dennisthetiger, I wrote about “the fire”. So, figuring that he ran into “future cahwyguy“, I’m writing about it.

As most folks by now know, there is a large fire in Griffith Park. According to the LA Times Breaking News blog, it is over 800 acres, and about 50% contained. One house was partially damaged, one equestrian bridge was lost, and a few special park hiking areas were lost. You can see a map of the extent here. The community of Los Feliz was threatened, and there were evacuations overnight.

This got me to thinking. Suppose you had one hour to evacuate your house. You could only carry what you could fit in your cars. What would you take (other than family members and pets)?

Me? I’d take:

  • The three computers (not peripherals) and the external backup drive.
  • Key non-replaceable paper records: house, taxes, trust, wills, birth certificates.
  • Key valuables: jewelry, cash, etc.
  • Selected photo albums that are irreplacable.
  • Key medicines

I’d have to think more if there was anything else. Certain valuables (china, silver) are too bulky or require too much packing. Other stuff is replaceable. I’d also take a camera and walk around the house taking photos of everything, for insurance purposes.

So, what would you take?

*: As for the title of this post: It comes from a bastardization of “One Dark Night” we used to sing at camp. All together now… “One night dark, when bed we all were in / Old Leary Mrs. left the shed the lantern in / And when the kick cowed it over, she eyed her wink and said / “They’ll be a time hot, in the town old, tonight” / Erif! Erif! Erif!”