Who Do You Choose?

A late Friday afternoon tidbit: According to the Santa Clarita Signal (reporting the results of a recent survey by an independent research firm), when it comes to choosing between a computer and their spouse, 65% of Americans spend more time with the computer rather than with their spouse.

When asked for reaction, Shannon Morgan, a professor in Human Factors Psychology at CSUN, said “Only 65 percent? Given that more of us work with our computers and not our spouses, I’m surprised it’s not higher.” Jim Schuette, manager at the PC Club in Santa Clarita, said when couples come in together to buy computers, they typically only purchase one.

As for me? I think I’ve gotten much better than I used to be. Of course, GFG does enjoy relaxing playing games on the computer, so often we sit as a family in the computer room, working on our respective tasks on our respective computers, in a 21st century tableau of family togetherness :-).