4Q06 Theatre Planning (Update II)

Yet another theatre planning update (and thus a followup to this post). The tickets to The Musical of Musicals have just gone up on Goldstar, and so we now have 3 tickets to the 10/28 matinee show. Hopefully, some friends of ours who live in Burbank will be able to join us; if not, we’ll meet them for dinner afterwards.

The next tickets I’ll be getting will be A Light In The Piazza, for which HotTix go on sale October 10th.

Update 10/10/2006: We’ll be seeing A Light In The Piazza for the Sunday Matinee, 12/3. I have no idea where our seats are: they can no longer tell us that information over the phone.

I’m also tempted to explore tickets I’ve also ordered tickets for The Beastly Bombing, which had an interesting write-up on The Huffington Post as “The Most Offensive & Morally Unredeemable Musical I’ve Ever Heard”. The official subtitle of the play is “A Terrible Tale of Terrorists Tamed by the Tangles of True Love”. It is produced by SORO (The Secret Order of Revolutionary Operettists), and is supposedly a wicked political satire in the tradition of Gilbert & Sullivan. It is at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood, running until November 18th. Perhaps We’ll be going on Friday November 10th, as it looks like NSS&F may be down in Orange County. I’d have to do tickets off-Goldstar, however. [Reading my friends-of-friends list, I discovered that mistermerlin is playing the President; he’s a friend of terpsichoros. shutterbug93: I’ll note that Heather Marie Marsden from It Came From Beyond is in the cast.]


In other entertainment news, the Austin Lounge Lizards have a new CD coming out. It is now available through their store. The song list looks great:

Go Ahead and Die
The Drugs I Need
One True God
Xmas Time for Visa
The Neighbor of the Beast
Wer Ist Da?
     Buenos Dias, Budweiser
Toast the Earth with ExxonMobil
Ain’t Gonna Rain
Banjo Players in Heaven
The Tower
We’ve Been Through Some Crappy Times Before

Yes, I already have a copy on order! I should note that the Lizards are on tour: those on my friends list will find the following of interest:

  • SAN FRANCISCO, Saturday, Oct. 7, 2:25 PM: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
    Festival, Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park. (415) 255-0333

  • AUSTIN, Saturday, October 28: Cactus Cafe, UT Student Union, Austin,
    TX. Two shows, at 7:00 and 9:00 pm. Call 512-475-6515 for
    information, or just show up early.

That information came straight from the Lizard’s email.