Channeling Lizards for Right and Might

Watch this video from You Tube (“Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis”) by Eric Schwartz. It’s probably not safe to listen to at work (references to male organs), but it reminds me of some of the best targeted messages of the Austin Lounge Lizards. For those that can’t listen to it, here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Well I’m frickin’ sick and tired
Of turning on the news
And seeing the religious right’s
Ungodly fight to take our right to choose
When to bear our children
Who to love and how
Education and protection
If we’re just practicing for now
So dubya look obey a book
If that’s what works for you
But I don’t tell you how to pray
So don’t tell me how to screw
    So you’re screaming bloody murder
‘Bout the taliban regime
For subjugating women
And being too extreme
And basing legislation
On some ancient holy book
Does that sound a bit familiar?
Here’s a mirror, have a look

And as for the ten commandments
They need one more at least
Thou shall never cover up
The acts of pervert priests
How’d they let that happen
Unless they just abhor us
Well anyway it adds
Another layer to the chorus

It is as good a commentary on the behaviour of the “Christian Right” as “Jesus Loves Me But He Can’t Stand You“:

I know you smoke, I know you drink that brew
I just can’t abide a sinner like you
God can’t either, that’s why I know it to be true that
Jesus loves me–but he can’t stand you

I’m going to heaven, boys, when I die
‘Cause I’ve crossed every “t” and I’ve dotted every “i’
My preacher tell me that I’m God’s kind of guy; that’s why
Jesus loves me–but you’re gonna fry

Watch it. Highly recommended.