On The Set

This afternoon, we went to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, which, alas, closes tomorrow. My daughter thought I would be interested in such attractions as the set from ST:TNG (looks like the first season set) and the Okudagrams (and their in-jokes) thereupon, the set from Cheers, the set from X-Files, and so on. Myself, I was more interesting in the mechanics of a museum closing. Where do the exhibits go? Why are they closing? What will happen?

In this case, some of the exhibits will be stored. The sets will go back to their original owners. They are hoping to find a larger space in a few years and reopen. They chose not to renew the lease because of the space limitations, the bad location (in a basement), and the low traffic.

Still, I found the exhibit, as they say, “fascinating” (raising an eyebrow).

Dumb moment of the day: When I got home, I found a message about the location of the valet button on the new alarm system. So I went out to try it. Afterwards, I couldn’t get the car to alarm. I was getting annoyed with the system and the dealer… until one tech asked: did you check the hatch glass. I went outside. Silly me: somehow, I must have bumped the “open hatch glass” button. Closed it. Now things work. I guess I get to join the “cute but dumb” category (at least my wife thinks I’m cute).