It’s All Over But The Check

My Honda Civic has been replaced. Yesterday we went to Frontier Toyota in Valencia to pick up our new car. We purchased it through the Auto Club Buying Service, and the process was extremely smooth. Cudos should also go to Bob Corson, the Fleet/Leasing manager at Frontier, for all his help. We were in there around 2:40p, and out at 3:40p with the new car.

Bob was so kind as to take these pictures of gf_guruilla and me with the new car. Doesn’t she look cute (and the car is nice too!):


All that’s left in the car-tipping saga is (1) turning in the pink slip and getting the check for the old car; (2) finding the vandals who did this and establishing suitable and appropriate justice.

Today is the second vacation day I’m taking this week (although I’m doing a little work from home). Yesterday was running around and getting the new car. Today’s plans include running by the Auto Club to start the official insurance coverage [Update: It’s done, and only about $300 more per year], and going to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum before they close tomorrow (we tried this yesterday, but they were closed on Wednesdays).