Oh, Where Did My Energy Go?

I just have no energy today. I don’t know why, but I’m just feeling weary. I guess things catch up to me every now and then. We’re going to be moving a few boxes to the storage area, and I just have no get up and go. Luckily, nothing is time critical. Still… bleh!

This morning, I did have the energy to go get a haircut. I think he cut it too short in the back, but it will grow out. I also ordered a copy of Roxio Media Creator 7.5.. I do have Roxio 7, but I’m ordering this primarily to get the new Backup My PC, and it is cheaper to get the bundle. So I’ll upgrade. I did find a good buy on it at buy.com.

I also broke the holder on my cellphone today. Can’t someone make a belt-clip that permits swiveling but doesn’t break off! Grrrr. Off to a phone store to get a new holder.

This evening, we’re going to go see Doubt at the Pasadena Playhouse. It is really odd to be going an seeing a play about Catholics on the day the Pope died. The synopsis of the play is:

Are the sins of the past more painful in the present? Father Flynn is a neighborhood priest and teacher at a co-ed Bronx Catholic School in 1964. Has he fostered a casual approachability with students for evil intent? The watchful and stubborn principal, Sister Aloysious, suspects Flynn of abuse but Sister James believes the best in everyone. Explore this mystery about a suspicious nun, a boy, the Church, and a pragmatic mother’s attempt to resolve a conflict so relevant to our times. Doubt recently opened at Manhattan Theatre club in New York to rave reviews.

Tomorrow, gf_guruilla is taking S&F to a birthday party, and I’m going on a house hunting expedition with ellipticcurve.