(meme update) Dichotomy Meme Analyzed

On Tuesday, I posted the following meme: “Pick ONE from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.” The following is how I see myself:

  • dominant or submissive [2/3]. The “wishy-washy”-ness of the question shows in the answers I got, and my answer. Certainly, I’m neither in terms of the more adult use of the terms: I believe in equanimity. But in terms of life in general, it is hard to answer. I will certainly take charge when appropriate, and tend not to meekly submit. But that’s more “leader or follower”. I’m not sure that in a group I tend to dominate, but I also don’t submit to the results. So I really don’t know how to answer this, other than “or”.
  • logical or intuitive [5/0]. Folks got this one. I tend to work out problems logically, which explains why I always wanted to be in the hard sciences, and was never a “north campus” (in UCLA terms) kind of person.
  • social or loner [5/0]. Again, pretty much on, although there are times I do want to isolate. But I would rather be around people, and I find I get energy from being around people.
  • kinky or vanilla [0/5]. Actually, more Praline Nut Crunch :-). Seriously, I do think vanilla is the right term, no matter how my mind my veer into the gutter at times, I don’t think the body would ever follow. I tend to prefer the stable and known, which does fit vanilla.
  • cute or sophisticated [2/3]. I would have no idea how to answer this question, so I’m not surprised folks had trouble with it. Sophisticated is probably closer, given my love of theatre as opposed to “cutsey” kitsch.
  • kitten or puppy [1/4]. I’m sorry, but I’m a dog person. Grew up with them, although I prefer miniature or medium size dogs. Give me a good miniature poodle, cockapoo, or cocker spaniel any day. Irish setters or springer spaniels will do in a pinch. I’m also more like a dog: you can take me on walks, I’m loyal, I like to talk, I’m social, I like to swim, and I mark my territory (just joking).
  • warm flannel sheets or sleek satin [5/0]. Flannel. That’s me. Warm, soft, and comfortable. Durable. Something that doesn’t create friction and raise static. Utilitarian. Not too frayed at the edges. Not overly sexy. A little bit of pill when rubbed too hard. [Note to deedeebythebay, who I judged as Satin: I’m not saying that satin is bad… rather, it conveys a sensuousness that I don’t see myself as having, a smoothness, a lack of friction.]
  • leader or follower [5/0]. I do tend to lead, although I’m not a big manager type. But I do like to be in the forefront, so I can see where I’m going and avoid the pits.
  • quiet or talkative [1/4]. C’mon. I once got seven D’s in 2nd grade for talking too much. I was “Little Running Mouth” in Indian Guides. And you don’t want to get me drunk, for I talk even more. Hell, look at how long my posts are here :-). No one has ever accused me of being quiet!
  • spontaneous or planned [0/5]. Definately planned. Three years ago, we did a vacation without making reservations in advance. Immensely frustrating, in terms of where we would stay each night. Give me planned ahead anytime. I guess this is why I spend more on theatre than I should: I could never do the last-minute half-price tickets!

BTW, note the name of the current music. One of my favorite songs! Also, if you’re interesting in boardgaming in the northern San Fernando Valley on Sunday, February 20, please drop me a note.