(meme) My Liberal Identity

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

My Liberal Identity

You are a Social Justice Crusader, also known as a rights activist. You believe in equality, fairness, and preventing neo-Confederate conservative troglodytes from rolling back fifty years of civil rights gains.

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Related to this: Here’s a great article, which I’ve already linked on Facebook: New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP (Paul Farrell, CBS Marketwatch). Want more proof? Here’s an interesting anti-union piece by Karl Rove, regarding what’s happened in Ohio, under the radar.


(meme) So How Do I Sound? / Shakespeare

Because all the cool kids are doing it…

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


You’re not Northern, Southern, or Western, you’re just plain -American-. Your national identity is more important than your local identity, because you don’t really have a local identity. You might be from the region in that map, which is defined by this kind of accent, but you could easily not be. Or maybe you just moved around a lot growing up.

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The above result is quite interesting — I’m a native of Los Angeles: I was born here, grew up here, attended college (UCLA) here, and have lived here ever since college. My mom was from the midwest, though…

William Shakespeare

Once more unto the cahwyguy, dear friends, once more.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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How appropos…


(meme) Birth Year Meme

Snarfed from rjlippencott: Name the five celebrities who share your birth year that you would most like to shag fancy the most strongly! To find your matches, we suggest you use Wikipedia (quick method) or IMDb (exhaustive list). To do this, go to Wikipedia and enter your birth year in the search box. On the resulting page, click “Births”. Alternatively, go to IMDb’s ‘In This Year‘ page, click your birth year, and under “Overview”, click “births”. Then scan the list(s) and pick out your faves!

Looking at the 1960 Wikipedia and 1960 IMDb lists:

Valerie Bertinelli
Elizabeth Perkins
Marina Sirtis
Linda Fiorentino
Finola Hughes

Ah, Valerie Bertinelli….


(meme) Life Rating

Snarfed from barelyproper, deedeebythebay, _katiekaboom_, and numerous others.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.4
Mind: 7.4
Body: 5.5
Spirit: 7.2
Friends/Family: 6.3
Love: 9.1
Finance: 8.2
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Seems reasonably close, although I’m still not sure how they get the overall number. I wish they had had more choices in the “exercise” category. If you’re curious, you can see how it compares with others. The stats, especially by age, are fascinating.


(meme) I’m Not Named Cahwyguy for Nuttin’

LA Expert
You scored 100 Angelenos!
Very impressive; you are in the highest category of LA knowledge. You have obviously spent a good percentage of your life sitting in traffic, but you are still happy knowing that you live in one of the best climates anywhere in the United States. You make a great host to your out-of-town friends and family because you can show them a great deal of LA that most tourists never get to experience. Hope you enjoyed the test!
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on Angelenos

Link: The Los Angeles Metro Area Test written by naturallawyer on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test