That Synagogue… I Wouldn’t Step Foot In It

A recent posting on the weirdjews community related the story of how there is now only one Jew left in Afghanistan, and how he didn’t get along with the other Jew, who just died. So now, in Afghanistan, we have two one Jews, one two synagogues.

The old joke about synagogues is true, it seems:

A Jewish fellow who is stranded on a desert island. Passing sailors find him and ask about the two synagogues which he constructed. “This one,” he boasts, “is my synagogue. I pray here every day”.
“And the other building?”
“Oh, that shul?,” he says, nodding his head and waving his hand, “I wouldn’t step foot into it.”

[Now, back to my 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM meeting; we’re on lunch break for the East Coast…]