Side Effects of Marriage, or “I Knew There Was A Reason…”

According to Reuters, marriage keeps you healthy, even though it can make men fat. The article cites a government report, which notes that married people are less likely to smoke, drink heavily or be physically inactive. They are less likely than singles, divorcees or widowed adults to be in fair or poor health, and are less likely to suffer from headaches or serious psychological distress. However, married men are more likely to be overweight or obese than other men (never-married adults were among the least likely to be overweight or obese). They don’t know why the results show this.

Hmmm. For me, the weight gain is due to stress (not from the marriage itself, but sometimes, from the offspring of the marriage :-)). The major impact of marriage is that taking care of one’s children often creates less time to take care of oneself. Perhaps that’s the reason.

However, whatever the reason, I need to do something about it. So, I’ll ask a third time: How does one go about finding a decent, not-to-expensive personal trainer to teach me how to exercise right at home? Craigslist? Something else? I’ve already asked my chiropractor for a recommendation.

I’m not that overweight (about 35 lbs from where I would like to be), but I think the muscle weakness is a contributing factor to my bad posture, which is a contributing factor to the tingling in my arm that is annoying me to hell!