(meme) Single Interest Meme

Tonight, for dinner, we have a serving of rotisserie meme, smothered in gravy, with potatoes au gratin and steamed veggies. A comfort food if there ever was one, prepared by jumbach

I currently have seven “single interests,” i.e., interests that nobody else lists on their profile. What are they, and what do they mean?

1. acsac. This is the conference that I’m involved in. I just came off of being general chair after four years, and have been doing tutorials since 1990. The conference focuses on the applications of computer security.

2. and 3. orange empire railroad museum and oerm. This is the railroad museum in Perris. I’ve been a member since around 1986. This is the largest operating railroad museum in the west, and a really great place.

4. pacific electric. The interurban trollycar system that used to run in the Los Angeles area. Those familiar with Who Framed Roger Rabbit likely know the conspiracy theory regarding their demise, which isn’t true.

5. railfests. Some people like Renaissance Faires. I like train faires, which we call railfests, for rail festivals. We typically have at least two a year at OERM.

6. shep cooke. Shep Cooke is a folk singer from Tucson who used to be part of the Stoney Poneys with Linda Ronstadt. I saw him many many years ago at McCabes. I think he still performs locally in Tucson.

7. ucla computer club. Some people hung around frats. Others hung with friends from faire. Me? I hung around the UCLA Computer Club, a/k/a “The Sloppiest Room on the Third Floor, Boelter Hall, UCLA” (3514 Boelter Hall). This was a place to hang out between classes, play bridge and board games, help people solve computer problems, and shoot the breeze. I’d say I learned my social skills there, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. If you were in the club, you would know the phrase “Snap, Chuff, Sparkle, Sparkle”; you knew how to get in from the Men’s Room; you had seen the piezoshit; you’ve played space wars on a Linc; you know why the 360/91 was better than the 370/3033; you know what DDL (Dungeon Definition Language) was; you knew the two types of logs in the room; and you went by your initials. I’ll note that many folks from the UCLA CC were involved with Southern Faire and SCA back in the 1980s and 1990s. Alas, the club died in the mid-1990s; the space is now grad student offices 🙁

I’ll note that I also have one interest that (to my knowledge) is shared with only one other person: pasadena playhouse, which is shared with shutterbug93.

In non-meme stuff: Today was a pretty normal work day, although my arm was bothering me some. I’ll make the plea again: If anyone has a recommendation for a personal trainer in the San Fernando Valley, not too outrageously priced, please drop me a note or make a comment.