Friday Conference Update

Today was the last day of the conference. First… Yeah! I’m no longer conference chair… just plain ‘ol Tutorial Chair again. As parting gifts, I got a lovely silver “Klingon” Navajo letter opener/dagger and a nice pocket watch antique chain.

The last day went well. Due to packing up the office, I didn’t get to any sessions, but at least we got rid of all the leftover merch from past conferences. The office packed up easily.

Then I went on the tour. AMARC was interesting, and not what I expected. I expected a commercial graveyard, ala Mojave. Nope. Loads and loads of military aircraft, mothballed, some for parts, some for reuse, some for destruction. Only a few civilian aircraft. Still, I picked up a book on the place. The Pima Museum was also interesting, but again, few civilian aircraft. Still, I had a good time.

Tonight, I’m going to dinner with some conference folks, and gf_guruilla and S&F have gone up to the observatory at Kitt Peak. Tomorrow, we see my sister-in-law, visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (a neat place), and start on our way home… via Ehrenberg AZ. I might post tomorrow morning, but as there is no high-speed at that hotel, won’t post again until Sunday evening at the earliest.