Thursday Conference Update

Today was a good conference day. We started with an opening plenary session with Rebecca Mercuri, who spoke on the importance of transparancy in systems, and how it releated to electronic voting. This was followed by the classic papers sessions, where we got to revisit the history of the Orange Book, as well as the vulnerabilities in TCP/IP. The afternoon (for me) was more administrative: a conference board meeting, and a meeting with some people from the DoD with whom I work.

This evening was the conference dinner, which was excellent! Yummy. We got to give away a bunch of books, including a copy of a book on .NET Security to Steve Bellovin, one of the key authors of Unix! Sometimes, God has a sense of irony.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference. We’ll have the final sessions, pack up. Then there will be the conference event: A trip to the Pima Air Museum and the Airplane Graveyard. Cool, for a transit-geek like me!