Tuesday Conference Update

The second day of the conference has been going well. The tutorials were all well received, as was the workshop. We even had the press show up, in the form of a reporter and a cameraman from KOLD, the CBS affiliate. We told them to come back tomorrow to see Steve Lipner of Microsoft, or Thursday to hear Rebecca Mercuri. It appears they will. We did give them some excellent parting gifts, including a conference program, proceedings, and an ACySACy. This is the first year we’ve had a member of the media show up!

Tomorrow the primary conference starts. I get to give my plenary talk and introduce the speakers. No fair calling my cell phone just as I make the announcement to turn off your cell phones! I also get to listen to the best paper candidates.

S&F helped at registration this morning, and then went off with gf_guruilla, Dee (a past conference chair), and Ruth (the wife of a tutorial instructor) to hit the quilt shops. Yes, my wife did bring her new sewing machine to Tucson! This evening is the speakers reception, and then my family and a bunch of coworkers are going somewhere for dinner.

One sad observation on the news. CNN is reporting that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary has leukemia. They indicated it is under treatment and she is expected to fully recover. This is good news, and I hope she heals quickly. I do have to say that CNN picked one of the worst pictures I’ve ever seen of Mary to post.