An Icon Passes

userpic=frebergSkimming the headlines while changing tasks today brought some real sad news: Stan Freberg has passed away at age 88. This is confirmed by a post on his son’s Facebook: “My father died this morning. I am ok. To me, the father I knew and loved dearly and still very much do left me over a decade ago. He was, and will always be my hero and I will carry his brilliant legacy forward as best I am able. RIP, Stan Freberg, 1926-2015. I love you, daddy.”

Stan was a large influence on my personal sense of humor, ever since I found and memorized “The United States of American, Volume I: The Early Years” when I was child. I was lucky enough to learn about, and be able to attend, a celebration of Stan’s 70 years in the industry at American Cinemateque in November.  Even then, you could see that Stan was in decline — the quick required augmentation from his wife, Hunter.

A man is remembered by the work he leaves behind. The breadth and scope of Stan’s work — from animated cartoons to advertising to humorous records and yes, even to the stage, will ensure that Stan Freberg will long be remembered.

Pardon me while I adjust the iPod to play a little Freberg in his memory, and finish off the day.