13.67….. miles I rode on my bike this morning. Home to Wilbur, down Wilbur to Ventura, across Ventura to Tampa, and up Tampe back to home.

552…. miles I’ve put on my bike since I got it on Rosh Hashanah

23,808 …. number of songs on the iPod. I’m temped to add some in the next two weeks to have some more new albums for the College Road trip (in particular, some of the shows up for the Tony awards that are available digitally)

1,158… number of miles, approximately, we’ll be travelling on the road trip. It will probably be closer to 1,250, when all is said and done. New Orleans to Atlanta to Nashville to Louisville to St. Louis


Busy Busy Week

This is one of those weeks where I didn’t have a lot of time to post. What with travel back and forth to Baltimore, a cranky Internet connection there, lots of work awaiting me in the office, and being caught up in a good book, there just wasn’t a lot of time.

That’s how it goes sometimes. Don’t worry, m’friends at LJ and FB. You can look foward to a review of “Gypsy” at West Coast Ensemble on Sunday, if, of course, the world doesn’t come to an end!


This is Yesterday’s Post

I’m back in LA. Just a quick observation: BWI has put in the new millimeter scanning booths, and I was a lucky winner. Can’t say that I like them. I’m not travelling enough that I’m worried about the radiation, but they significantly slow the movement through security, especially when the TSA folks seemingly stand around talking to their coworkers instead of focusing on getting people through with a smile. I’ll also note there is no information before you go through indicating you have the ability to opt out, so the implication is that you must go through them (and you go through them instead of the normal x-ray).


And These Are A Few Random Things

  • This is why I will never go skiing.
  • The kids in the next room are *still* at it. Isn’t it past their bedtime. [Note: This is referring to toddler children making lots of noise, running and jumping.]
  • I will be flying home tomorrow afternoon. Although the work went well, this is one trip I am looking forward to being over. I don’t think I was meant to live in a city over 6000 ft above sea level.