Dying To Get In: The Cemetary Space Race

The NY Times has an interesting article (published yesterday) about the dearth of graveyard space in New York City. It appears a number of cemetaries in the city have simply run out of space, or have very very little yet. Walkways and roads have been torn up, casket sizes have been limited (one cemetary has a maximum width of 26″, for a 30″ wide plot), and prices have gone way, way up (depending on available space, prices can run from $8K to over $20K). Graveyard evictions (of empty, unused plots) is starting.

Why do I write about this? The answer is it prompted some thinking about cemetaries. The reason is that I have one cemetary plot, but a two body problem (my wife and I). The one plot is at Groman-Eden in Mission Hills where my parents are buried; I inherited the plot when my dad died. Since I inherited it, I’ve toyed with the idea of selling the plot to a relative, and then purchasing two spaces at the cemetary where my father-in-law is buried (Mt. Sinai in Simi Valley, where there is more space). Cremation is an option (and might permit the use of the single plot for two people), but does go against Jewish tradition.

It’s something I periodically think about; so far, I haven’t come up with a final resolution. What about you? Have you thought about the inevitable? What will be done with your remains when you pass on?