Reading The Fine Print

Last night, we got our census forms in the mail. I was just about to fill them out and put them in the mail, when I noticed they wanted the information regarding household members as of April 1, 2010. So I’ll wait—hopefully, it will still be the same answers. For those of you who already filled out the forms and returned them, where did you get that guarantee of no disasters in the next two weeks?


I Wonder If Peter Montgomery Was Involved?

According to CNN, the largest Mersenne prime number found to date has been verified: 230402457-1. It is 9,152,052 million digits long. It was found in mid-December after programming 700 computers years ago. The discovery is affiliated with the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, a global contest using volunteers who run software that searches for the largest Mersenne prime.

* Peter Montgomery was a co-worker of mine at SDC whose hobby was factoring Mersenne Primes using spare cycles on all of the BLACKER computers.