What Makes You Happy?

  • I made my wife happy. Since Mother’s Day, we’ve been doing some furniture shopping. Sunday, we went to Reeds Furniture in Simi Vally and got a recliner (but in brown) to replace our 12+ year-old glider rocker. Then, tonight, we went to Plummers and purchased a replacement for the sofa-sleeper in the den that came up from my dad’s and was starting to die. Come August (it’s on backorder) we’ll have a new 2-piece sectional in a lovely teracotta.
  • I also made my daughter happy. Tonight we also hit the music store. She’s been having fun playing guitar, and she wanted to get a guitar stand and a strap. While we were there, I also got her a book of vocal sections and music from Smokey Joe’s Cafe. She’s now all eager to play with it.

You know, it makes me happy when I can make my family happy!