Busy Morning…

Let’s see. So far today, I/we have:

Next is starting to clean the house for Pesach, and then this evening is As You Like It at the Pasadena Playhouse. So watch for a review on that tomorrow, after we get back from a dim sum run.


Various and Sundry

  • Today is National Napping Day. Alas, I’m not tired. Wouldn’t ‘ya know it. Perhaps I should clean up my office.
  • My shoulder is bothering me today. Actually, it’s been bothering me all weekend. Actually2, it’s been bothering me off and on since I was in Lanham MD in late February. The morning after I saw estherchaya and family, I slipped in the shower and ended up on my rump, with my left arm on the side of the tub. Since then, my left ankle has periodically been sort, and the muscle in my upper left arm has been sore, to the point of limiting motion. Its now gotten to the point where my lower arm is vaguely sore (but I’m sure that’s radiated pain); Karen says it feels like the muscle in the arm is cramping. I just hope I didn’t tear anything; I’d be worried about surgery on my left shoulder when I’m left handed. I’ll bring this up when I see the doctor for my “annual physical” on Friday. In general, I think such physicals are good things, as I’m one who is loath to make an appt. to see the doctor.
  • Actually3, the end of this week is a medical smorgesborg: internist on Friday morning, dentist on Friday afternoon, and optometrist on Saturday morning.
  • Actually4, Saturday’s going to be really busy, as on the way back from the optometrist (we all have appointments), we will be visiting the LA Bureau of Sanitation Compost Bin Pickup. This will allow us to pickup two Earth Machine‘s (covered compost bins) for $20 each. I prefer the covered bins to my open bin; it builds up the heat faster.