Boo for USPS – Yea! for Amazon

I just received email that the bulk of a recent Amazon order (2 books and 9 CDs) was returned to them as undeliverable by the USPS. Note that this is the same USPS that successfully delivered all the other 10 parts of the order… to the same address. As this order was partially on gift certificate, and there was no indication of that information in the email, I was understandably in a bad mood (on top of just having a headachy no-energy day). There were a number of items I truly wanted in that order.

Yea! for the Amazon Customer Service supervisor, who figured out how to reenter the order without the hassle of me having to do it and wait for the refund to show up in their system. It should ship again on Monday. In the meantime, I think we’re going to take that “undeliverable” notice and have a little talk with the Postmaster, for we’ve had indications that other mail is not being delivered (i.e., mail from the Pasadena Playhouse and Cabrillo Music Theatre).


I Want My DirecTV!

It’s been one of those days.

Today, the HVAC contractor was finishing all the attic work except for the pressure test. That all went fine… except sometime in their last hour, they bumped something in the attic… and our satellite TV went out. All receivers are “Searching for Signal…”. So, we called DirecTV for service. The first call was ½ hour of phone menus… only to be disconnected. I then found the site that tells you how to bypass the menus… and after 20 minutes on hold, got to a technician… who kept putting us on hold, and after another 20 minutes, told us he couldn’t schedule anyone until late Monday, and if we wanted to cancel it, we’d have to go through the menus again.

We hung up on him. Clueless. The worst technical support I ever had from DirecTV. So we pulled out the phone book, and have someone local scheduled from 12:00p-4:00p tomorrow. Grrrrr…. I just hope that it comes back so I can see the season finale of Big Love.

Before the service guy comes, NSS&F plan to see if we can find anything at an Estate Sale in North Hollywood.

I guess it is DVDs tonight…