Changes in the Valley

userpic=van-nuysOriginally, I thought that this three-some of items related to things disappearing in the valley wouldn’t warrant their own post. Turns out I had a bit more to say about them…

  • Macy’s Closings. Macy’s is closing down their two stores in the Topanga Prominade in Woodland Hills, leaving only the store two blocks away at Westfield Topanga. Oh, the horrors. Actually, it should be an interesting situation, as this leaves the Promenade with no anchor stores. Originally the upscale mall, the Promenade was anchored by Robinsons, Bullocks Wilshire, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Bullocks Wilshire became I Magnin and then Macys; The Robinsons store closed, became a Bullocks… and then Macys.  Saks closed after the 1994 earthquake and became the AMC. Westfield already has a Macys and loads of anchors at the Topanga Mall two blocks up, and they are connecting Topanga with the Promenade. It will be interesting to see what they do with the space — there aren’t many suitable things that could — or would — want to fill it in and that fit with Westfield’s vision (Target is already in Topanga, and Walmart is a few blocks away).
  • Norms. Norms Restaurant has been sold to an outside investor. I fondly remember the long-gone Norms in Westwood; there are still Norms in Van Nuys, Culver City, and near the Fairfax area. The new owner says they will keep them open, and he even plans to expand the chain. It will be interesting to see what happens. It could be a success, or it could be like Dupars.
  • Abes Deli. We have three Jewish delis near us. Brents, which is one of the best in the country.  Weilers, which I happen to like because it is the underdog. Abe’s Deli, which was pretty crappy. Although Abe’s has a web page, the actual establishment has been closed for a few months undergoing construction. Today, I uncovered an article that indicated what is happening there. It is becoming a Tilted Kilt. I’m not sure it will succeed. Yes, it is near some other restaurants, but it is far enough away from the mall that I’m unsure it will be a destination in and of itself. I don’t think it will survive from the business from the Toyota dealership next door, the Lowes across the street, or the senior center a block away. Then again, it might be cheaper than a pacemaker.