Portrait of a Tortured Artist

Tonight, we went to go see Vincent in Braxton at the Pasadena Playhouse. We ended up switching at the last minute to the 5:00 PM show (we normally go at 9:00 PM show) because our planned babysitter cancelled at the last minute, and we couldn’t find another. That worked out OK (I love the Pasadena Playhouse and how they cater to subscribers); we ended up 7th row center!

Favorite Quote of the Show: “A woman is not old as long as she loves and is loved.” (which is an actual quote from a letter by Vincent Van Gogh)

This show was about a three-year period (1873-1876) in the life of Vincent Van Gogh (Graham Miller) when he lived in Braxton, England, in the house of Ursula Loyer (Stephanie Zimbalist), her daughter Eugine (Carolyn Palmer), and their lodger, Sam Plowman (Trevor Murphy). Also featured in the play was Anna Van Gogh (Tracie Lockwood), Vincent’s sister. The playwright (Nicholas Wright) hypothesises this as the time that VVG began to discover art. The claimed reason is a love affair with an older woman who encouraged him. The acting of the play was very good. Initially the story was odd, but then it got interesting. The last act, however, was a bit odd. For those into tortured artists, it would be good.

Their next play, however, should be great! They are bringing in Side by Side by Sondheim. We really do like the Playhouse. They treat subscribers well, and have consistently good productions, even if sometimes the subject is odd.

In other news, I had a great afternoon with my Cousin Jerry. We went over family history, music, and he may be helping to build some furniture for my daughter’s room. We really need to see him and his family more (he lives out in Ventura).

[As folks have noticed, I’ve developed some new icons (some folks haven’t seen yet), and remodeled others. I’d welcome comments on the icons. I’ve been having fun in Paint Shop Pro.]