Historical News Chum Stew

userpic=headlinesToday’s News Chum Stew is historical — that is, all the items have to do with history. Yes, that can make it a bit bland, but I think you’ll find a lot to chew on:

Any stew needs a little spice, so here’s a little flavor to perk things up:

  • Potty Emergency! Speaking about the movies, they are getting longer and longer, the drinks are getting bigger and bigger, and we’re getting older and our bladders weaker and weaker. What to do? Don’t worry! There’s an app for that! Specifically, there’s an app that will vibrate your phone during those moments in a movie when it is safe to run out and go… and will even give you a plot summary for what you miss.
  • Everyone Under 30 – Read This! Closing out on a slight history theme – here’s a list of 12 outdated items your parents owned that you should own too, even if they seem old-fashioned. Item No. 1: Stationary, so you can write actual letters. My daughter received a handwritten note from a roommate today, and just loved it.