What Is It This Year?

Well, ACSAC 29 is upon us, at the Hyatt French Quarter in New Orleans. userpic=acsacThis has been a crazy conference year. First, due to the shutdown and the uncertainty about budgets, people haven’t registered until the very last minute… making planning very difficult. Today, complicating matters, a weather system hit the midwest. I’m coordinating the training program. Two of my instructors for Tuesday are stuck in Dallas with cancelled flights, and the instructor for Monday coming from Minneapolis is finally getting to New Orleans… after 4 different airports and 12 hours… and he’s arriving after midnight. This is the first year this has ever happened.

Let’s hope this all settles down and the rest of the conference goes better.

P.S.: Also complicating matters is the fallout from those people who have abused conferences, which makes it much much harder for people to attend legitimate technical conferences. This has gotten to the point where even having “Conference” in the name can get you disapproved.